Pastor David J Smith

I use to be a cross country truck driver from 2000-2012, and I use to listen to this pastor every night from 10:30pm – Midnight, Monday through Friday on 870 AM WWL out of New Orleans.

The Lord placed this show in my path for a reason, and I must say that it helped change my life.

Pastor David J Smith’s message changed my life and I am so glad I found the archive.

Pastor David J Smith Waxahatchie, TX

The name of the church where David J Smith was a Pastor is called ‘Church of God Evangelic Association’ in Waxahatchie, TX. There is a youtube channel which serves as the archive for all of David’s teachings. Below I’ve posted the recorded sermons that David gave, and I’ve also posted a link of the youtube channel.

#311 11/22/1986
#312 11/29/1986
#313 12/6/1986
#314 12/13/1986
#315 12/20/1986
#1196B 9/18/2004
#1234 5/14/2005
#1235A 5/18/2005
#1235B 6/2/2005
#1235C 8/6/2005
#1255 10/15/2005
#1235D 11/26/2005
#1235E 1/7/2006
#1235F 12/2/2006
#1235G 12/9/2006
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