2nd Patriarch

Isaac, the only son of Abraham and Sarah, also the 2nd Patriarch of the Hebrew people. When Abraham passes away, our story transitions to him.

Born from a miracle of God, as his parents were already passed childbearing age, We’ve already seen how his story imaged the story of Christ to come when Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac.

We must also know that Isaac was fully

aware of what was going on, and he was not a young boy. Isaac was willing to be the sacrifice. This must be understood. As it is a direct reflection of Christ who was fully aware of what HE was doing as well. God spared Isaac at the last moment, and Isaac became the promise of the covenant. Isaac will go on to father Esau and Jacob. Though Esau is the oldest, Jacob will continue the line of the Hebrews.

The Biblical Account of Isaac

Below are the stories of Isaac, as a continuation of the Abraham narrative. Click into each picture to learn the stories told.

Esau and Jacob
The Birthright
God’s promise to Isaac
Isaac and Abimelech
Isaac Blesses Jacob
Jacob Sent to Laban
Esau Marries an Ishmaelite
Jacob’s Dream
Jacob Weds Leah and Rachel
Jacob’s Children
Jacob’s Prosperity
Jacob Fleas from Laban
Jacob Fears Esau
Jacob Wrestles with God
Jacob Meets Esau
The Defiling of Dinah
Jacob Blessed and Renamed
Rachel and Isaac Die
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